SI Opel Reset

SI Opel Reset OBD2 functions: Reset Inspection Interval. SI Opel Reset OBD2 workable model: Opel Astra build after 1998, Zafira build after 1998, Corsa build...

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images of For opel SI-Reset OBD2

For opel SI-Reset OBD2

SI Reset Opel OBD2

1.Reset Inspection Intervall
2.15.000 km or 1 year
3.15.000 km or 2 years
4.30.000 km or 2 years (LONGLIFE)

Workable Model:

Opel Astra build after 1998, Zafira build after 1998, Corsa build after 2000

Operating Instructions:

1.Plug the Device into the OBD2 socket of the car
2.All LED's will blink and than stay on
3.Turn ignition key to enable the board electronic but don't turn on the motor
4.Press the button for the operation you want to perform shortly
5.The LED of the choosen operation will light and the other Led's will be off
6.LED's will perform a light chain which means reset is done

Package list:

1pc * Service Intervall Reset Unit with diagnostic connector

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